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Apartment Rental Program

Fresh Apartments offers a program that guarantees a great rate of return from short-term renting of the apartment owned by you, without any hassle.
If you decide to take part in our program, we dedicate your apartment for short-term rentals to tourists and business people. Years of our experience show, that apartments rented out this way, remain in better shape for longer than those rented under long-term deals.

How does it work and details of the program:

  • Fresh Apartments manages the estate in full – it deals with accounts, performs maintenance and repair works, deals with customers, which means that the owner will not be burdened with the hardships of the administration of the property.
  • Guaranteed regular monthly transfers in U.S. dollars to the apartment owner’s account.
  • We provide you with the opportunity to use a rented apartment on predetermined conditions that will be included in the contract between you and the Fresh Apartments.
  • Our team guarantees the highest level of service and dedication for the efficient management of your property.
  • We do not charge commissions for brokerage and property management, which on the Krakow property market can reach up to 20% of its value.
  • Guaranteed access to our online booking system, which allows you to monitor the rental returns.

Lease Requirements:

  • The building itself can not raise objections.
  • The apartment needs to be renovated, in good condition and of high standard.
  • The apartment must be no more than 10 minutes walking distance from Krakow’s Old Town.
  • Apartment must be fully equipped and ready to be rented.

If you have an apartment in Krakow and would be interested in more information about our the rental program, please contact us at:
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